Chesney Karib is the son of Yvonne and Kash Karib. He was briefly the Young Mayor of Chatsworth, and love interest of Debbie Gallagher, until she decided he was self-interested and using her. However, Chesney was using the campaign funds to help an elderly Pakistani woman to take her British Citizenship Test.

In Series 6, Chesney finds out that his mother had faked his father's death and discovers the secret of his father's homosexuality. Kash then attends the shop in order to speak with his son. In a moment of rage, Chesney knocks his father out cold, and seemed to be prepared to bludgeon him with a baseball bat when the fireworks that were stacked up in the shop's stockroom were ignited, due to the spreading flames of Chesney's insufficiently stamped out cigarette. Chesney flees the shop, leaving his unconscious father to die for real from smoke inhalation. Having discovered his parents duplicity, Chesney began to openly defy Yvonne by liberally taking money from the till and drinking in the house.

In Series 7, Chesney helps his mother and Stan Waterman cheat Paddy Maguire out of the money they owed him. He continues to work at the Kash and Carry after Joe Pritchard purchases the shop from Yvonne. Things begin to go badly for Chesney when a party thrown at his house takes an abrupt turn when a drunk girl is taken advantage of, and the boy that transpired the events gets battered to death by the girl's older brother. The act was filmed and spread via photographs over a mobile phone. Chesney and best friend, Carl Gallagher were witnesses to the assault. Their consciences soon got the better of them, which led them to graffiti the name of the killer close to the scene of the crime.

The murderer, Jimmy, in turn prevented them from going forward to the police by threatening to kill Liam, and tells them to leave Chatsworth. After spending some time at a Welsh farm with a woman called Hazel, who has her own murky past which Chesney helped her resolve, both him and Carl decided to return to Chatsworth to clear their names. When entering a football competition for gay teams Chesney rows with Ian over his relationship with Kash. Towards the end of the penultimate episode, Chesney has a dream including Micky and Ian, and it is assumed that he may actually have homosexual feelings himself. These feelings progress in the eighth series when along with Micky, he starts up a gay sex line and begins to enjoy it far too much. This soon ends however when Micky begins to get jealous of all the customers requesting Chesney, and convinces him that they should stop.

In the first half of Series 8 Chesney was spurred on by his then girlfriend Bex, to help a young girl being abused by her father. The couple caught Bean stealing from the Karib's Shop and used her mobile phone to call her father, who turned out to be the shop's new delivery driver, Gorky. Chesney discovered that Gorky was not only beating his child but also pimping her out to pedophiles. Though he hopes that helping Bean will win Bex back after she discovers his involvement with drugs and finishes him, Bex tells him to forget about Bean. Shocked by Bex's lack of interest he tells her he though she was special and decides to help Bean for her own sake. He soon receives a phone call from Bean however and rushes to her flat to discover she has stabbed her father to death. Chesney hands her a large wad of cash and tells her to go find her mother and once she has left, burns the flat to the ground with Gorky's corpse left inside.

Series 11

Durring episode 5 Chesney begins to expand his business. However, he runs into another shop and later on the female clerk agrees with him on a business partnership. He then starts to suspect her of being a terrorist when she gets a contract she wrote and he looks for her in the back and sees a what looked like a terrorist attack. He then quickly steps out before being notice. He signs it, but with a scare. He evens hallucinates, about a missile coming his way as everyone looks at the sky. He then gets interrupted by Lillian who buys a cream product. He talks to Letitia's cousin about his situation. At first before anything could happen Letitia and her cousin teased him a bit. Chesney tries to prove it, but fails. Until Letitia cousin opens a box trying to scare Chesney. The two assume it to be a bomb. The hatch a plan to watch the clerk. Letitia's cousin tries to tell him not to do anything, but Chesney refuses and confronts her. Romana reveals the she's a pharmaceutical chemist. Relieved to hear this however, when the Romana tells him that she spent 15 years of her life working and living there and the owner just sells it away. Romana asked if the two would help her. The as everything is set in the van. The bomb explodes and they drive off. Chesney now has a new business partner in the end. In the ending clip of the episode Chesney is force to take down some adult magazines.

Chesney begins a relationship with Mary Mae St Rose. In the final episode, Mary Mae is pregnant with Chesney's child and his mother Yvonne has returned to the estate temporarily to help with running the shop.


  • Chesney has been involved in 3 murders in his time on the estate. Firstly in Series 6, by leaving his father Kash to die after knocking him out in a fight and the shop burning down. Secondly in Series 7, he and Carl Gallagher witnessed a boy named Jimmy murder someone at a party and the two boys got blamed for it. Lastly in Series 8 Chesney was attempting to help an abused young girl named Bean escape her father Gorky but before he could finish his plan Bean snapped and stabbed her father to death, Chesney covered up the murder by burning the body and a flat to the ground.
  • It is very possible that both Chesney and Meena have both appeared in the pilot episode of Shameless (played by different actors), although neither was seen again or mentioned by name until the end of Series 4. The very first scene of the Karib family and their shop in Shameless featured Yvonne being followed by a young boy and girl of Asian extraction on their way to a mosque. Yvonne delays to scold Kash for eating pork rinds in that scene.
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