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Chesco is a general goods shop owned by Chesney Karib, located on Causweway Parade[1] in Chatsworth. The shop was originally run by Kash and Yvonne Karib, parents of Chesney, it was called 'Karib's Cash & Carry' during this time. It spent a brief stint in Series 7 as the property of Joe Pritchard and was called Joe's Shop. Sometime between Series 7 and Series 8, Chesney's grandfather bought the shop to add it to his large empire of general good stores. In Series 9 Chesney turned the back room into a pawn shop, presumably both to help and capitalise on his neighbours recent evictions and desperation for money. At some point prior to Series 9 the shop began offering a video rental service.

In Episode 9 of Series 9, Chesney was shocked to discover his grandfather had ordered his cousin to clear out the shop, sell it and then send Chesney away to run a shop in another part of the country. Spurred by a recent near death experience, Chesney decided to try and buy the shop himself. He appealed to the Maguires for help but changed his mind when Jamie wanted the shop named 'Paddy's Market' after his father. An offer was later made on the shop, with Chesney having no money left after buying all the shelves and fittings he assumed that was the end of his dream. However, his cousin revealed he was going to sign the deeds over to Chesney, despite how their grandfather would react. Many of the residents then arrived to help Chesney paint and organize the shop, which he renamed 'Chesco'.


  • The shop was the main location where Ian Gallagher and Kash Karib carried out their sexual affair, during the time Ian worked there.
  • The shop was robbed, which resulted in Mandy Maguire going into labour.
  • The next robbery left Kash in hospital.
  • Yvonne Karib owned the shop originally, a fact she made known when she wanted her husband Kash to leave after finding out about his extravagant money expenditures.
  • The shop was burnt down when a box of fireworks ripped throughout the shop. Chesney and Kash Karib where having a fight at the time, Chesney survived but Kash was left for dead.
  • Yvonne, in debt to Paddy Maguire, was forced to sell the shop to Joe Pritchard. Chesney was allowed to stay at the shop.
  • Chesney and Carl Gallagher used the shop as a hideout when they where framed for Bonehead's murder.
  • Joe fled with Karen and Connor Maguire and was then killed by Ian Gallagher.
  • Chesney took over and the Karib family were once again in charge.
  • Sita Desai, Chesney's cousin, was sent to work at the shop and keep an eye on how it was run for their grandfather who has helped the shop financially on various occasions.
  • Chesney turned the back room into a mini club allowing Carl to sell drugs for the Maguires there.
  • Annoyed by Chesney's neglect of the shop and the constant partying, Sita called in the shop as the headquarters of Muslim extremists. The shop was raided by the police who found nothing, meaning Chesney was scared into taking better care of it and was able to claim compensation from the Police.
  • The shop started a home delivery service.
  • The shop became part Pawn Shop.
  • Chesney's name was added to the deeds and he became the sole owner of the shop he renamed Chesco. The Maguires become silent partners in exchange for 10% of proffits, a small discount and Chesney selling small amounts of drugs through the shop and laundering money.
  • Chesney met Remona, a qualified chemist, and she quickly talked him into going into business with her. Her odd ability to convince Chesney of anything appeared to be caused by her strong resemblance to his mother Yvonne. They turned half of Chesco into a chemist and hired Avril to work there soon after.

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  • It is possible to take a virtual tour of the Karib's Shop and various other locations on the Chatsworth Estate at the Official Shameless Website.
  • Despite Yvonne making it clear the shop was her property early in the show, Chesney stated in Series 9 that he could remember when his father bought it.
  • When it was named "Joe's Shop" in Series 7, Chesney commented that the name was "shit". Joe Pritchard's reasoning for the mundane title was that "customers like simplicity". But the truth, as Joe had made it clear for Karen during the series, was that he was prepared to leave Chatsworth on a moment's notice whenever Karen, who was carrying out a sporadic affair with Joe, was ready to leave with him. Which finally happened in Episode 716.
  • In Episode 4 of Series 5 Yvonne revealed that she only paid Carl Gallagher £3 an hour for working at the shop.

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