Charlie is the on-off boyfriend of Sierra Morton and the father of her son Lucas. He appears in season 7 and 8 of Shameless (US) as a love rival to Lip.


He had a relationship with Sierra Morton and became the father of their son Lucas. However, Sierra had to raise him alone after Charlie became an addict.

Season 8

Lip tries to sabotage Charlie by tempting him with a pizza topped with a baggie of coke. However, Lip gets second thoughts about sending the pizza when Charlie turns up at his AA meeting and spots him. After Lip goes to retrieve the drugs by breaking into Charlie's apartment, he's attacked by Charlie's Rottweiler and drops his fidget spinner, which gives away that he was the intruder. Charlie finds Lip and returns the fidget spinner as he interprets the incident as Lip trying to save him from getting back into drugs. He thanks a confused Lip for looking out for him.

After Debbie thinks she might be pregnant after a series of drunken hook-ups, so Lip takes her to Planned Parenthood. Charlie happens to walk in with a heavily pregnant woman. He is met by Lip and begs him not to tell Sierra, and Lip reluctantly agrees.

In "The Fugees", Charlie's ex has his baby, and Sierra is extremely upset when Charlie tells the truth. Charlie persuades Lip to convince Sierra to forgive him, if only for Lucas' sake.

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