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Left to right: Shane, Mandy, Paddy, Jamie, Micky and Mimi.

This Category page is for all members of the Maguire Family, whether by blood or marriage.

The Maguire Family are a half Irish, half English crime family working and living on the Chatsworth Estate. They are head by Scouser mother Mimi and Irish father Paddy who has since divorced the mother of his children and left Chatsworth. Their family business in drugs and other criminal organizations is now headed by son Jamie, now back working with him is his brother Shane who both recently patched up their differences, along with younger brother and secret homosexual Micky. Mimi also had a daughter, Cilla with teenage Billy Tutton since divorcing Paddy. She later married Billy and became Mimi Tutton, much to her son's annoyance. The only daughter of Mimi and Paddy is Mandy, who passed away in Series 6, her young daughter Katie now lives with her father, Lip Gallagher.

Other members of the family include, sons of Paddy and Mimi Donny and Joey who are only seen briefly in the first few series (Series 1 to Series 4) and rarely mentioned, their whereabouts are unknown, along with Fergal who was murdered by a rival crime family in Series 4 as retribution when one of their members was murdered by Jamie.

And there is also Karen, wife of Jamie and mother of their son Connor who runs The Jockey with him. As well as Kelly, separated wife of Shane who is a prostitute at Lillian Tyler's Brothel on the estate.

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