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This page is about the American Shameless' Gallaghers. For the Original UK version, see Gallagher Family.

Left to right: Ian, Debbie, Frank with Liam, Fiona and her boyfriend Steve, Lip and Carl.

This Category Page is for all members of the Gallagher Family, whether by birth or marriage, in their US incarnation.

The Gallaghers are a large Irish-descended family living in Chicago's South Side, Back of the Yards neighborhood. The family is headed by alcoholic philosopher father Frank, who later died of COVID-19 while the children's mother Monica left them one day to live with another woman Roberta and die of a brain anuerysm. This left their eldest daughter Fiona to look after the house and children. Due to his many abandonments of her and her siblings- dating to when she was six years old, she finally filed suit and successfully got herself instated as the legal guardian of her siblings, as long as she can provide income and housing. Frank and Monica's eldest son is Phillip, who is better known as "Lip", is intelligent and good with women. Lip is the father to baby boy Freddie Gallagher. The next is the third oldest Ian, who is secretly gay until he comes out to the family who already knew. Ian works at the local shop where he and the married owner are more than friends and found out in his teens that he was the result of a union between Monica and one of Frank's brothers, making him both the half-brother and cousin of the family. Ian is also bipolar and has episodes at times. As a result of a serious act, Ian was arrested and is imprisoned but released on parole. Ian later marries his longtime boyfriend Mickey Milkovich. After him is the only other girl in the family is young Deborah, who is known for being a kind yet very resourceful child who is always capable of turning a situation to her advantage. She became a teen mother to a daughter named Franny. Next is Carl, who has a penchant for guns, video games, underage alcohol consumption, and animal cruelty. Carl soon bettered himself by becoming a military cadet and marrying a girl named Kassidi who mysteriously disappears. Carl later became the father of twins, due to his father using Carl's sperm to impregnate his unhinged girlfriend. Carl is later implied to impregnate another girl, Tish. The youngest is Liam, who was initially believed to be the product of one of Monica's affairs with Frank's AA sponsor, parole officer or a random bouncer although a DNA test later reveals that somehow, the African-American appearing Liam is indeed the biological child of Frank. It is explained through a rumored affair between Frank's grandmother Rose who had black musician for a lover. Frank also has an illegitimate daughter Samantha who is his supposed oldest child that has a son named Chuckie.

The rest of the family are Frank's abusive late father Mr. Gallagher and his ex-convicted mother Peggy who was smothered to death. Frank's three brothers: Jerry, Clayton, and Wyatt. Jerry is Frank's twin and seems estranged from the family, Clayton is heavily hinted to be Ian's true father and lives a lavish life with his wife Lucy and their son Jacob Gallagher, and Wyatt had his testicles blasted off in the navy. Frank has a cousin named Patrick who has two sons Desmond Gallagher and Warren. Patrick later filed a faked will from a late family member Aunt Ginger, stating that he was the owner of the house. He and his family also kicked the main Gallagher family out onto the streets- until Debbie claimed to the police that he molested her, forcing him to bend to Fiona's conditions. Frank also has an Uncle George who supposedly lives in Jersey and seems to be very wealthy. Next is Bill Darrgen, Monica's father who deeply resents Frank and was never in his grandchildren's lives until his daughter's death.

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