Carrie Rogers (real name Wendy Rogers) was one of Chatsworth's community police officers. When she first started working on the estate in Series 4 she was a PC, partnered with Stan Waterman and Tom O'Leary, however Carrie was promoted to sergeant in Series 5 and was often used for her position by Paddy Maguire. Carrie, Tom and Stan also lived together in a flat they shared.

"Carrie" often reacted to criminal behaviour, whether genuine or perceived, with a great deal of excessive force to the point of breaching their civil rights, such as macing Carl Gallagher in the face for graffiti he didn't actually paint and tasing Lip when she suspected him of stealing a PSP which was actually his. It was also implied by her colleague, Tom, that she once buried the face of a suspect in excrement.

Although once self-centered, violent and unfair Carrie did begin to show a softer side, looking out for colleague Stan Waterman when he was dating a foreign con artist and taking the blame for him when he accidentally hit an elderly woman with the Police van.

When Carrie first began working with Stan and Tom, the boys were immediately attracted to her good looks and fiery temper and often competed for her affection. However their infatuation wore off eventually once they realized just how temperamental and aggressive she could be.

Carrie mentioned in a deleted scene from Episode 403 that her father was a police officer. She went on to say that he had a paving stone dropped on his head from a railway bridge in the Brixton Riot of 1982 and was left paraplegic with epileptic fits and the inability to control his bowels. This was her way of justifying her force approach to police work but may have been a complete lie as Stan pointed out that there was no Brixton riot in 1982.


In Episode 8 of Series 5 it was revealed that Carrie was a gambling addict and in £5000 debt to a bookie named Vinnie. She was seen phoning him in the hope of borrowing more money to win back some of what she had lost but Vinnie was less than interested in lending her more.

Soon after, she went to meet Vinnie in The Jockey's male toilets, but when she arrived she found not Vinnie but Paddy Maguire waiting for her. Paddy explained that Vinnie wasn't interested in the risk Carrie posed so Paddy had bought her debt and raised it to £6000. Carrie backed away from him and in a rare show of fear she warned him not to touch her. Paddy ignored her and getting very close he told her not to flatter herself as he preferred a woman with "more meat on their bones". He went on to explain, despite Carrie's protests, that she could pay back her debt with information.

Later Carrie went to the Maguire house and gave Paddy information he had requested regarding a specific person. Paddy then called for his sons Micky and Shane who dragged in the man whose info Carrie had brought. Paddy revealed that it had just been a test and had not payed off Carrie's debt, which had now risen to £6500. He pointed out that Carrie was sitting her Sergeant's exam soon, a position that would be a fast track to CID for someone of her calibre, and he was interested in having someone in CID reporting to him.

Obviously rattled and worried about being under Paddy's thumb, Carrie began her exam soon after but after only answering a few questions she ripped it up and walked out. She informed Paddy that she had failed the exam and he replied by saying he was very disappointed but not as disappointed as she should be considering interest rates.

However sometime later Carrie was made Sergeant.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name cannot be a simple integer. Try using a descriptive title. Tom questioned how Carrie had been able to resit the exam and was ignored but an exchange shown between Carrie and Inspector Kitty Froggat implied that Carrie had flirted with the obviously lesbian Kitty in exchange for special treatment.

Real Name

After being approached by Inspector Kitty Froggat, Carrie told her that she couldn't accompany her on a "fact finding" visit to Los Angeles due to not having a passport.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; name cannot be a simple integer. Try using a descriptive title. Kitty wasn't impressed and Carrie commented that she obviously thought she was lying, to which Tom replied that she was. Carrie told him to shut him, maintaining that she didn't have a passport but Tom must have remembered seeing one in her belongings and went home to the flat they shared to look for it.

He found it easily but was shocked when he actually read the name on it. Later, Tom, Carrie and Stan stopped Liam Gallagher and found him carrying a large amount of money. Liam claimed he made it by selling fairy cakes (that was later revealed to be the truth, however the cakes contained cannabis) and though Tom was happy to confiscate the money and send Liam away with a warning, Carrie refused and commented that he would crack under questioning. Tom tried to stop her but she angrily told him that he had blown it, losing patience with Carrie's usual excessive force and bad attitude Tom suddenly shouted "let him go, Wendy". This stunned Carrie who let Liam go while a confused Stan returned Liam's money and asked who Wendy was.

Later at the police station, Carrie and Tom went into a cell to have a private talk. Carrie was much less confrontational that usual and pointed out that they had both done wrong but as Tom said, his refusl to obey a sergeant meant a "slap on the wrist" while her use of a false identity meant 5 years jail time. It was then that Carrie revealed she failed the psychological test on her first attempt at joining the police force, so when her sister died in a plane crash and there was some confusion over the death certificate she gave herself another try, passing only because she had learned all the questions.

She begged Tom not to reveal the truth, stating that as he knew, she lived for the police force. She even offered to do anything to earn his silence, including have sex with him in any position, though he seemed briefly tempted by this idea he turned her down but promised not to report her.


Tom and Stan began a slowly escelating prank war against each other in Series 6 but Tom quickly took it too far, or so it seemed. Tom called Stan for help in a panic and when Stan got to him, he found that he was hanging from a noose.[1] Stan fled the scene and appeared to have a nervouse breakdown, forcing him to take extended sick leave from the police force for post traumatic stress disorder.

Though as it turned out, Stan had taken the opportunity to get himself on sick leave by faking his PTSD. Carrie was unaware of this fact however and was disgusted by Tom's actions. She then announced that she was transferring to Norfolk, saying that she would not be getting any pay rise.

However it soon transpired that she was transferring to Norfolk with a promotion. When asked how she had managed to get her promotion by Tom, Carrie told him to work it out for himself and finished packing her belonging while stating that for too long she had let him and Stan hold her back (referring to them as "losers"). She then left with a smile and stated that "sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do".

Tom soon discovered that Carrie had reported him for the prank he pulled on Stan, and due to the result being Stan taking long term sick leave, got a promotion.


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