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For the Original character see Carol Fisher.

Carol Fisher is the bubbly, fun mother of Veronica and Marty. She is first seen early in the first season of the show and is on good terms with both her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend Kev.


Season 3

After discovering that her daughter can't have a child during season 3, she is enlisted by Veronica and Kevin to be their surrogate. Oddly, Carol agrees, and using a turkey baster to inject the sperm, notes that it was warmer than she expected. After a few failed attempts, Veronica suggests a different method, asking Kevin to have sex with her mother. Both Kevin and Carol are surprised, but tentatively agree. Although the encounters were at first awkward and difficult, Carol seems to have "warmed up" to the idea, a fact that is worrying her daughter. After a falling out, Carol is pregnant and she finds out the she is having Kevin's baby. This made Veronica very upset when the doctor said how long she had been knocked up. She gets upset with her mother telling her that her mother should have stopped after the first time they did it. Carol then tells her that she had been lonely, and that when her daughter called her up, she felt wanted. Veronica understood, and looked at the baby shot. Carol also help during a graduation party thrown by Fiona for Lip.

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