Carmen Kenaway was the ruthless head of mult-agency project "New Start", which aimed to evict as many people from the Chatsworth Estate as possible in order to turn it into an urban wasteland. She is known to be in divorce proceedings with her drunk and womanising husband, who left her for a younger woman but visits her occasionally for sex. Her assistant Daniella Feeney is hopelessly loyal to her, despite Carmen treating her with little respect, as she is secretly in love with her. She is also known to have children, mentioning that her stolen laptop computer contained pictures of them in Episode 902.

It was revealed that Carmen stood to gain a bonus of £100,000 if she evicted the residents from 120 houses and she showed herself to be willing to do anything to earn it. Using information found on Carmen's stolen laptop, the Maguires, along with other key residents, formed a plan on Billy Tutton's idea to create a diversion and move the residents back into the now empty houses. The catch was that the residents would not go back to their old homes, instead they would go to random house, rendering New Start's extensive information useless and undoing all Carmen's work.

In a rare show of heart, Carmen revealed to a shocked Feeney that she knew the residents were no different from themselves but that would not stop her from collecting her bonus. She used hired thugs to start a violent riot in the middle of the estate as she watched, but her plan backfired when her driver was knocked unconscious and she was kidnapped by Shane Maguire. Shane took Carmen back to Karen and Jamie's flat above The Jockey where they tied her to a chair while they decided what to do with her.

Karen, who had taken it upon herself to be the voice of the residents since the evictions began, was all for violently mutilating Carmen in revenge while Shane was threatening Carmen with death (but also propositioning her, as he revealed he found her strangely attractive). However, Jackson and Avril discovered more useful information on Carmen's stolen laptop: she had a huge insurance policy for injury sustained in the line of her work.

The residents decided to proposition Carmen, if they arranged for her to be attacked in a controlled manner so she could claim her insurance, would she delete the master files of all information the various agencies had on the residents? At first Carmen refused but Avril soon saw her true motivation, Carmen wasn't interested in political agendas, she just had to appear strong. Carmen eventually agreed and while she nervously walked through the estate alone, the residents pulled paper out of a hat to decide who would have to attack Carmen. The unlucky person wasn't revealed (until the Post Credit Scene where it was shown to be Chesney) but an assailant in a pig mask hit Carmen hard in the face with a blunt instrument, sending her to hospital.

Carmen received her insurance payout and deleted the master files while Jamie was on the phone using a check of his council tax payments as a cover to make sure the deletion worked. Karen left Carmen in her hospital bed with a few words of warning, with Carmen smiling happily as she left.

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