Business as Usual is the seventh episode of the tenth series of Shameless. It focuses on trouble in Shane and Jackson's business as well as the thieving of Patty Croker.


Patty begins gambling by playing cards with other local old women. However Kelly and Aidan soon realize she taking advatage of the other players by stealing from them. Her misdeeds don't end there however, when Letitia goes to Chesco to buy back the ring she pawned it is revealed Patty sold a large amount of jewelry from the shop to a gold scrap dealer. Disgusted by her actions, the community begin to shun her and Chesney fires her.

Jackson get's annoyed when Shane begins giving away the left over stock of their past sell by date food business to the homeless. Jackson insists that doing so will only make more people expect hand outs and his point is proved when Shane is inundated with homeless men expecting free food. To avoid this but still make good use of the food, Shane begins donating all the leftovers to a priest who runs a soup kitchen but this proves to be a bad move.

Meanwhile, Mimi worries Billy doesn't love her when he is unable to ejaculate during sex but Lillian comes to the rescue. Also, Karen becomes increasingly hostile with Jamie and Letitia is convinced the stolen solar panels in the Maguire garden will help her get a tan.

Post Credit Scene

Lillian sets up one of the solar panels in the garden of the Maguire house then shouts "that's it, fill your boots". The camera follows the panels wire up and into the front bedrom where it's revealed to be connected to the device Lillian gave Mimi earlier in the episode. Mimi is laying behind Billy on the bed and as he moans she says "dirty, filthy geiger counter probing your arse, nasty boy". The machine begins to get louder as Mimi's arm moves faster, Billy gives one loud moan they shouts "there she blows".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Beatrice Kelley - Cynthia Feltz
  • Connor Ryan - Lad
  • John Sessions - Father McGinn
  • Matt Chapman - Security Guard


  • Narrator: Jackson Powell
  • Mimi and Billy decide to give monogamy a try and end their open marriage.
  • Cynthia Feltz, the old woman who was part of the main story of Episode 818, the show's 100th episode, briefly appears as one of the women Patty is trying to steal from.


Mimi: If I go to jail it won't be for renewable energy. It's a fucking shame, 
they'd stick you in with the nonces.
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