Brad is a motorcycle mechanic, who has a fondness for knitting. He first appears at the end of season 7 as a potential Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor for Lip. For most of Season 8, he acts as confidante to Lip and acts like friend until he has relapse with the stress of his newborn child. With Lip's help, Brad regains his old self reconciles with his fiancé who he marries in Season 9.


Season 7

He appears as a potential Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor for Lip during Happily Ever After. Brad talks to Lip and tells him to give the meetings a chance since they might help. The latter treats Brad to lunch, they talk more with Brad revealing this was a step for him to move in his improvement. This causes Lip to decide to really apply himself at recovery.

Season 8

He continues as Lip's mentor and gets Lip a job at the motorcycle garage where he works, which Lip successfully holds throughout the season. Brad becomes a father part-way through the season, but the stress of a new baby causes him to relapse. He attacks Lip and goes on a wild escapade of the city by vandalizing property, binging on donuts and consorting with a strange woman.

Afterwards, he is found still drunk but slumped over by Lip and continues to refuse help by hitting him. This causes Lip to lash out and physically attack Brad to get him to comply but this experience causes him breaks his formal relationship with Lip, but Lip finds him and talks him into getting sober.

Brad becomes himself again and worries about his status with his family, Lip helps him reconcile with his fiancé and he continues to be involved in his life.

Season 9

As of Are You There Shim? It's me, Ian, Brad marries Cami and tells Lip that he should ask the latter's sister, Tami Tamietti, out but the girl rebuffs him. He also has Lip help a recovering alcoholic man named Jason out by being a sponsor, since he is already progressing with caring for Xan.

In Weirdo Gallagher Vortex, he implores Lip to give Xan to foster care and refuses to take part in his attempts to get her back.

During Are You There Shim? It's me, Ian, it is his son's christening and he invites Lip over. He is annoyed when Tami shows up late and when she insults Lip.

In BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!, Brad is preparing for a walk for breast cancer awareness. His father-in-law remarks he could do better than last year, as he jokingly remarks to Cami on how he wants to drink with her family around. He watches Lip's sister have issues and Lip says she's in a bad place. Later he watches his sister-in-law Cori flirts with Lip and soon introduces Lip to Tami's ex-fiancé Boon. Brad later tells Lip that he should be careful around his new competition.

During You'll Know Bottom When You Hit It, he is working at his shop with Lip and talks with about Tami. He is surprised to learn that Tami is pregnant with Lip's child. He is even more stunned to see his wife and her other sister Cori confront Lip before ordering him out and he complies.


  • He takes Clyde Youens place as Lip's father-figure, after Youens arrest and death.
  • He was responsible for destroying the Michael Jordan statue of Chicago.
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