Boys, Boys, Boys is the fifth episode of the fourth series of Shameless. It marks the beginning of Micky Maguire's sexuality story.


When he is thrown out of Sheila's house, Frank moves back into the Gallagher household and receives a warm welcome from both Monica and Debbie. Jealous of the attention Frank is giving his daughter, Monica tells Debbie to go out and live a normal teenage life, meaning she has to get a boyfriend first. Debbie falls for a Christian boy who turns down her offer of sex. Frank discovers Debbie might have to pay all her savings to the boys family if she continues her relationship with him so he and Lip tell the boys parent's that Debbie is a "slapper". Debbie finds out and Frank ruins his relationship with his daughter.

Ian and Micky Maguire begin to grow closer, Ian is shocked when Micky makes a pass at him and they end up in bed together. After a close shave where Paddy catches the two sat in their underwear but luckily attributes it to cocaine, Ian makes another discovery about Micky that sends there relationship crashing down. Micky thinks he has fallen in love with Ian however and risks telling the Maguires the truth to prove his feelings.

Karen and Jamie continue to battle it out at The Jockey. However, Jamie makes a marriage proposal to Karen and she accepts though Mimi and Paddy look set to ruin Jamie and Karen's new relationship leading to Mandy being enlisted for help.

Meanwhile, Frank gets in trouble with an estate agent who is trying to sell Sheila's house. Micky is devastated when Paddy orders his beloved dog Nelson be put down. Lillian makes a sweater for Jez's unborn baby. Paddy and Mimi attend their Irish dancing lesson. Mimi tries to set Karen up by bringing her on a robbery job.

Post Credit Scene

Micky Maguire is seen crying infront of a grave for his dog, Nelson, made out of rough wooden planks in the shape of a cross. He hears a noise behind him and turns to see Shane standing there, crying as well, showing that Shane misses Nelson too.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Reece Noi - Luke Newman
  • Vincent Davies - Mr Newman
  • Norma Dumzenwi - Mrs Newman
  • Stephen Hoyle - Morion
  • Michael Tyler - Spider
  • Craig Flitzpatrick - Spider's Friend
  • Jason Manford - Security Guard


  • Narrator: Lip Gallagher.
  • This is the final episode to feature Sheila Jackson's house.
  • Carol Fisher appears in a cameo role.
  • Reveal of Micky Maguire's homosexuality and his first sexual experience with Ian Gallagher.
  • Michael Taylor would later appear in series 7 as Billy Tutton and then again in series 8, after which he became a regular cast member.
  • Jason Manford mentioned his scene as the security guard in this episode while on the 10th December 2012 episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He claimed that the scene where he is meant to be receiving fellatio from a dog caused so much outrage that it was pictured in a newspaper with the dog's eyes covered by a black strip.

If you watch this episode you will see Micky in the background walking nelson multiple times when Debbie is running from Luke you can see Micky in the sorts court,when Debbie walks past spider Micky then appears.

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