Boxer is the twelfth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

Micky is inspired to train for the Fire Brigade after an incident during collections. But continued verbal abuse from his father, Paddy, jeopardizes his self-belief.

Ian has recently joined an amateur boxing club in Chatsworth. But Paddy Maguire has a past with Jock, the owner of the club, who owes money to Paddy. Ian organises a fund-raiser at the club to keep the gym open.

Karen organises a talent night at the Jockey. Mimi is encouraged to sing at The Jockey, despite being mocked by Paddy.

Libby is angry when she learns that Frank lied about getting a vascetomy, and wants him to fertilise her frozen eggs at the clinic.

Liam is targeted by a gang of youths, one of which is a boy named Dean from his school, who has a secret crush on him.


. Narrator: Micky Maguire.

. Ricky Hatton is the star attraction of the boxing club in Chatsworth. But only until its revealed that he only trained there once as an amateur.

. Paddy claims to have once been a hot prospect at Jock's amateur boxing club before being forced to resort with gangsters who hired from the club.

. Mimi, with the support of Jamie, Shane and others, sings Never Walk Alone during the talent show.

. Liam plays bass guitar while his friend Dean dances during the same act.

. Chesney wins a boxing match against one of the club members during the fund-raiser at the gym.

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