Bonnie Tyler was initially an employee at Lillian's Brothel in Series 8. She quickly impressed Lillian with her keen business instinct on improving the Brothel, resulting in Lillian feeling increasingly motherly towards her. Eventually they became close enough for Lillian to suggest to Bonnie that she change her surname to Tyler and become in effect Lillian's adoptive daughter. But Bonnie showed her true colours not long afterward and eventually committed suicide, apparently overwhelmed at the prospect that someone could actually love and trust her as a daughter and overcome with guilt over the way she treated her adoptive mother.

Bonnie mentioned that in school she was known as the "anal girl" for her flair for organizing and cleaning. She put such skills to use to gain the trust of both Kelly and Lillian and then later to completely change the way the Brothel was run the second she was allowed the power to do so. During the execution of her lie over her supposedly stolen braclet she mentioned that her mother had given it to her the day before she stepped in front of a train to commit suicide, whether this is correct or not is unclear, at least her emotion over the loss of her mother may have been fake taking into account what she revealed about her mother forcing her into prostitution.

Kelly, Lillian and The Brothel

Kelly and Bonnie started off as good friends, often seen talking and doing favors for one another but things soon changed. Bonnie appeared sweet and helpful at first, always willing to help out the other girl's working at Lillian's Brothel but she soon revealed her true colours.

From her first day she began making helpful changes, such as making a Brazilian wax mandatory for all the girls ("punters love it, crabbs hate it, nowhere to hide"). She helped out Kelly by lending her decorating and organization skills to good use when she and Shane were decorating the house for Mimi. She began her mother and daughter relationship with a lonely Lillian, and even brought up the idea of hiring a manager to run the Brothel when Lillian retires, Bonnie suggested Kelly for the job but her true motives eventually became clear.

She first showed her scheming when Lillian found her crying upstairs over the supposed loss of a braclet her mother gave her before she died. She begged Lillian not to speak to the other girls about the braclet, claiming not to want a fuss, this heart to heart also proved another good step to forming a bond with Lillian. The next day Lillian returned the braclet to Bonnie, having found it in one of the working girl's (Trixie) room, Bonnie made a badly acted attempt to say she's loaned the braclet to Trixie and must have forgotten. Bonnie then packed her bags and made to leave the brothel, telling a hurt Lillian that the other girl's all hate her now, and that it was understandable since everything has been changing since she arrived. She appologised to Lillian and said it would be better she leave but Lillian blurted out that she needed her, that they needed each other, and they could even be family, spurring Bonnie to stay. However, Kelly later confronted her over the fact Trixie had never seen the braclet that turned up in her room, nor borrowed it from her. With her claws firmly in, Bonnie revealed her true attitude when she swapped her sweet and helpful ways for short tempered snapping while lording her power over the other girls, Kelly especially who saw Bonnie for what she was and vowed to do something about it out of her respect for Lillian.

It was then that Lillian took Bonnie for a legal name change to Bonnie Tyler, as she was too old for a formal adoption. She also signed her house and business over to her new "daughter", allowing Bonnie to reveal her true motives to Lillian herself and treat her very direspectfully when no one was there to see it, even going so far as to lock Lillian out one night and try to force her to become a prostitute herself. While hurt by Lillian's choices, Kelly set out to help Lillian in any way she could.

Even after the way Bonnie had treated her, Lillian was very upset when she moved away and left hired security to over see the running of the Brothel. Lillian followed her to an upscale penthouse apartment and begged for things to go back to how they were at the beginning of their relationship. Bonnie was confused over Lillian's attitude after the way she'd been treated, unable to understand the unconditional love of a mother. She explained to Lillian how her recent 17th birthday was the first time she'd had consensual sex and that her real mother had forced her into prostitution from the age of 10.

Adamant that all her actions had been driven by a business plan, one that she'd performed many times before, she refused to accept that she had ever been genuinely content at being Lillian's daughter. Locking herself in her bedroom, Lillian explained through the door how she loved her and that she'd be there for her entire life. Bonnie cried her eyes out, finally realizing the truth in Lillian's feelings. Lillian promised she'd be welcome whenever she was ready, took the Brothel's keys and left, unaware that Bonnie was jumping from the balcony. Lillian left the building and returned to her life, completely ignorant of Bonnie's corpse under a sheet behind her.


  • Rosamund Hanson who portrays Bonnie is perhaps best known for her role as Michelle "Smell" in This is England.
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