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Bonnie is a girl who went to school with Carl and served as his love interest in Season 4. She is portrayed by Morgan Lily.


Bonnie meets Carl when he was in detention for assaulting many students, who shares with him a passion for delinquent behavior.

The pair form a Bonnie and Clyde-esque partnership with him hence her name, who lives with her 7 siblings in a van in a grocery store parking lot.

However, Bonnie shows she does like Carl and they share a kiss. Feeling sympathetic, Carl invites her and her siblings to sleep at his house. Lip believed Carl was sleeping with her, as they shared the bed but nothing happened. Although Lip was annoyed the strangers in his house, he felt sympathy for the situation and allowed it. Bonnie and her siblings also helped out with his case as a DCFS lady found Lip to be a kind hearted person after hearing the plight that Bonnie and her siblings were enduring.

At the end of the season, when Carl goes to find Bonnie, he discovers the van gone with clothes and toys scattered around, with the fate of Bonnie and siblings unknown.

Episode Appearance

Shameless (US)

Season 4


  • Her father is doing hard time in prison and will likely be released when she is an adult.
  • She was the first kiss of Carl.