Blackout is the eighth episode of the ninth series of Shameless.


Times are hard and Marty and his apprentice Aidan attempt to redirect a power line to the Gallagher house to get free electricity.

The plan goes disastrously wrong and a power cut plunges the whole estate into darkness. An air of menace builds on the streets and people retreat indoors.

But the girls gather at the Maguire house and as the drink starts to flow hidden truths emerge. Jamie agrees to a lock-in for the guys at The Jockey, where Frank accepts the challenge to re-enact The Hare and the Tortoise, but loses something valuable in the process.

Chesney protects the shop from lawlessness, but pushes himself too far in the process, while Marty, charged up by having half a million volts pass through him, believes he's been spared for a purpose.

Post Credit Scene

Unsettling music is heard as Frank's coat is seen moving down the street in the middle of the estate all by itself. It slowly drags along the floor before suddenly taking to the air, filled to look as if an invisible person is wearing it, it flaps its arms and floats into the sky.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Gloria Meak
  • This is the first episode of Series 9 to feature only the current main cast with no guest stars.
  • Fiona, Lip, Debbie and Liam, Monica and Sheila are mentioned by name when Frank describes the history of his coat. Ian is mentioned, though not named, with Frank's typical anymosity towards him shown again.
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