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Black-Haired Ginger is the fifth episode of Season 9 of the US version of Shameless.


Frank's new liver medication comes with tragic side effects. Ian tries to get away from Fiona's hovering. Lip has to keep himself occupied during a day of temptation. Carl makes a connection at a West Point mixer.


At the Milkovich House, Terry hears a knock and announce that he’s coming to the door. When he opens the door he finds Ian and becomes upset. He bluntly tells Ian that Mickey is in Mexico and tells him to beat it. He is about to close the door but Ian reveals that he actually came to talk to Terry about prison. Terry reveals that he did 18 years in prison in and out and describes how it gets old really quickly as one only get to see the other inmates, the only people to interact with every day and having to endure the boredom. Terry tells the worried Ian if he were him he would get out of the country, before he closes the door.

Subsequently, Ian has dyed his hair is at the bus station presumably to take Terry’s advice in flee while he still has a chance. However that night he has backed out in talks with Lip about things.

Meanwhile Fiona talks with Ford who advises her to let her siblings make their own choices because she won’t be able to protect them all the time and they need to fend for them selves if they really want to survive in the world.

The next day, Ian comes downstairs to talk with Fiona who tells him whatever choices he makes it is his and he is pleased by this.

At the courthouse, Ian goes before the judge and recounts his actions and after sharing looks with his family and followers he has made a decision. He then comes clean about suffering from Bipolar disorder and reveals that he was off his medication at the time, much to the dismay of his fans.


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  • Terry mentions Mickey is in Mexico, which happened in Season 7.
  • Terry appears to have gotten over his hatred of Ian.
  • It is revealed Terry raped fellow male inmates in prison, in spite of his homophobia.
  • Ian reveals his bipolar condition to reduce his sentence.
  • Fiona takes a step at letting her family make their own choices.