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“Livin’ life to the fullest. I wouldn’t trade a day.”

Bianca Samson was the doctor who treated Frank after he was shot by Sammi.


Season 5

Having just been diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer, she decides that she wants to live her remaining days "to the fullest" and leaves the clinic with Frank, who shows her the seedier side of life.

Bianca's family tries multiple times to convince her to undergo therapy, but she feels that it's useless since her cancer is late stage and the chances of her surviving are very low.

In Drugs Actually, in the midst of one of Frank and Bianca's drug and alcohol binges, the pair have wild sex on the train tracks. However, Bianca becomes too extreme and this warrants concern from Frank who instead has her go back to his house. The pair briefly come across Frank's daughter Debbie and his son's boyfriend Mickey loading a box but shrug it off. They go to Frank's room where they smoke crack and have sex again. However, Frank sends Bianca's sister a text with the address of the Gallagher household to get her help. The next day, she awakes to her family finding her and Frank as they reveal she texted them. Bianca feels betrayed at discovering Frank did so because he thought they had a connection. She clarifies that she is not in love with him and was just having fun before she tries to escape her family and Frank, only to allow Frank to go with her to Costa Rica for the next few days where she wants to live out her last days.

In Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher), Bianca convinces Frank to buy a gun, and Bianca accidentally shoots Frank in the arm when he tries to stop her from playing Russian Roulette. Bianca is experiencing progressing cancer. The next morning, Bianca walks into the ocean, never to be seen again. She leaves Frank a goodbye note while thanking him for his care. She also leaves another goodbye letter for Frank to give to her family.

Season 9

In Los Diablos, Frank mentions to Mikey O'Shea on why he should be the ideal person for Hobo Loco by mentioning Bianca stating he buried "a cancer ridden girlfriend."


  • She is one of the few characters to like Frank, despite his personality.
  • It is revealed in I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing that she was born on November 17th 1981 and died April 5th 2015 making her 33 years old at her time of death.
  • Her western zodiac sign is Scorpio and her Chinese zodiac sign is a Rooster.