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Benefit Fraud is the fourth episode of the third series of Shameless. It saw the DSS (Department of Social Security) descend on Chatsworth and make the many benefit cheats worry for their future.


Carol discovers that her late husband cheated on her years previous with Lillian and vows to get revenge. She reports Lillian for benefit fraud but when an unnoticed DSS worker overhears people's comments in The Jockey almost everyone on the estate is suddenly having their benefits investigated.

The Gallaghers take advantage of the benefit crisis with Lip helping people fill out their forms and Carl pretending to be other families' son.

However Sheila isn't happy when Frank is forced to pretend to be the late Brendan Tyler in person due to he and Lillian continuing to claim his benefits. Sheila is offended by Frank pretending to be someone else's husband as she want's wedding bells of their own.

Carl finds himself obsessed with Lip's latest girlfriend Emily Lawson and while spending time at her house pretending to be her brother to fool the DSS he makes a grave mistake. When Emily's mother ends up with pubic lice and blames her husband, Carl steps in and blames Lip, thinking that he has been cheating with Mandy Maguire after seeing them together.

Meanwhile, Sheila begins "training" Tony to help him get over his premature ejaculation. Karen and Jez pretend to be lovers to get round the social.

Post Credit Scene

A Police van is seen, parked in what appears to be the Police Station car park, rocking quickly from side to side and moaning is heard coming from inside. It continues on and on until a woman's voice is heard shouting "oh for the love of Christ Tony just come will ya" proving that all Tony's hard work with Sheila during the episode paid off.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alice Barry - Lillian Tyler
  • Emily Fleeshman - Emily Lawson
  • Katy Cavanagh - Shirley Lawson
  • Graeme Hawley - Troy Lawson
  • Toby Hadoke - Manager
  • Denise Kennedy - Gaynor Pierce
  • Andrew Sheridan - Nick Anastasiou
  • Sarah Parks - Welfare Officer



Mandy: I'm warning you, if you don't fuck off now I'm phoning me dad.
Troy: And who's your dad love, Patrick fucking Maguire?
Mandy: That's right. Mandy Maguire. I suppose if he's not around one of me 
brother's might be free.
Troy: No! No, your alright. Sorry. Sorry love.
Benefit Officer: We're pulling out. Head office has sussed it out, we're paying 
you lot more than when we started. My numbers on there, you can give me a call, 
you know, bring your friend. 
Jez: Oh! What you expecting, a pillow fight? Don't do us any favors you 
spineless little prick! We're dykes! Not fucking wank fodder for pathetic 
little twats like you! Go home to your Internet eh? Oh, by the way, my cock's 
twice the size of yours.