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Baby is the third episode of the third series of Shameless. It focuses on the birth of Mandy Maguire and Lip's child.


A robbery at the Karib's Shop sends Mandy Maguire into early labour but the Maguires beat Lip up and refuse to let him see the baby. However, a charm braclet belonging to Mimi Maguire was stolen during the robbery and Lip sees this as his ticket in if he can track it down.

Ian get's introduced to a local "glory hole" but one of the presents he is given for "services rendered" turns out to be something from Sue's bag which was stolen in the Karib's Shop robbery. Lip and Ian realize that this could be the way to track down Mimi's stolen braclet so spend some quality time together at the glory hole.

Sue attempts to fool Debbie into thinking that she isn't living with Marty so doesn't need to pay her way but their loud sex gives away the lie.

Kev is given the name of a horse that "cannot lose" as a thank you for phoning a drunk student's father when she all but passes out in The Jockey. He finally convinces Veronica to let him put all their money on the horse but when word spreads that Kev knows of a winning horse everyone does their best to get the name out of him.

Post Credit Scene

Kev is seen back at the car lot where he bought his car and then sold it back in the episode so he could have money to bet on the horse. The car is priced at £700 and Kev points out that he only won £500. The car salesman apologies and says that it's how he runs his business but Kev points out that last time he bought the car he paid £600 (and he sold the car back for £200 in the episode) but the salesman says there's nothing he can do about it and cites inflation leaving Kev looking angry.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Samantha Siddall - Mandy Maguire
  • Sean Gilder - Paddy Maguire
  • Tina Malone - Mimi Maguire
  • Steve Bell - Donny Maguire
  • Kevin Sutton - Husband
  • Archie Kelly - Waggy
  • Bernard Wrigley - Russel
  • Harley Bartles - Robber
  • Liam Boyle - Mick
  • Samantha Robinson - Anna
  • Katie Wimpenny - Janie Rattigan
  • Martin Reeve - Janie's Dad



Debbie: Do you ever think of anything apart from sex?
Carl: Yeah, girls.
Ian: Look right, there's this place I've been to a couple of times with a mate. 
Lip: What place?
Ian: It's a cottage ok?
Lip: A cottage, what like a little fucking house in the country?
Ian: No, a gay cottage.
Lip: What, a lav?
Ian: It's just blowjobs and that, you don't even see them half the time.
Lip: How come? You do it in the dark?
Ian: No, there's a hole in the cubicle wall and you...
Lip: Oh Jeez.
Ian: I said I didn't see his face, I didn't say I wouldn't recognize him.
Lip: He's fucking deaf isn't he? Any idiot can tell you that.
Donny: That explains not screaming with 12,000 volts running through your