BOOOOOOOOOOOONE! is the ninth episode of Season 9.



Lip finds Cori in the alley of the Alibi, she remarks on his arrival and arrangement with his sister, before kissing him and they have sex.

At Kelly's house, her father is calling her before she and Carl arrive. Kelly orders her father and Carl to sit as she forms her own vision board by telling her father and boyfriend that she still wants to go to school and see Carl. She also abolishes her father's rules and makes a list of demands to him, which he grants and Carl complies with after being threatened by her. Ending her rant, Kelly tells Carl that they will have not to sleep in the tent but have sex in her room while her father sheepishly allows this.

Liam and Santiago go to the Gallagher House, but his key won't work before Debbie answers. She reveals she changed the locks and asks him for the money, as he pays her but it is enough though she allows Santiago in.

Lip goes to Tammi and admits to sleeping with her sister, as she doesn't seem bothered and he questions this. Tammi gives her reasons, stating they were just sleeping around, like she's doing with her ex-fiancé. As Lip sits down, Tammi decides to open up and reveal that it does bother her. They decide to put in the effort of starting a relationship while promising to not sleep with Cori or Boon again.


  • Because of Carl's sperm, Frank and Ingrid are expecting septuplets since she refuses to abort three of her kids.
  • Debbie mentions how she and Carl worked when they were kids from the first seasons.
  • Kev and Veronica are tracking Santiago's family.
  • The Gallaghers mention their flaw in personality.
    • Fiona's flaw is being bankrupt with anger issues.
    • Lip's flaw is a recovering alcoholic.
    • Debbie's flaw is a sexually confused teen mom.
    • Carl's flaw is a military psychopath.
    • Ian is mentioned and his flaw is an arsonist felon.
    • Liam doesn't have a flaw since he is young.
  • Fiona gets her cast removed.
  • Lip and Tammi begin to consider a real relationship.
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