Portrayed by Karen Bryson

Avril Powell arrived on the Chatsworth Estate with her husband Jackson and daughter Letitia in the gap between Series 7 and Series 8, they live next door to the Gallagher Family in Fiona/Yvonne's old house. Avril made fast friends with Mimi Maguire, Lillian Tyler, Libby Croker and her mother Patty with whom she can often be seen drinking with in The Jockey. Avril mentioned to Mimi Maguire that she worked as a health care receptionist for 10 years.


Though they became fast friends, Mimi Maguire almost ended her friendship with Avril when she thought Avril was coming onto her. The women spend a lot of time together in The Jockey and each other's homes but Avril's affectionate touches and friendly conversations had Mimi convinced that she had lesbian tendencies and was making a play for her, even having a sex dream about her. But once Mimi had made herself too paranoid, she blurted out that she wasn't a lesbian and wasn't interested, which confused Avril. After Mimi had explained, Avril convinced her of the truth and then reveled in the hilariousness of the situation.

Avril and her husband Jackson caused quite a stir with Patty Croker when their regular loud sex sessions became an annoyance to her. The couple mentioned that they had been thrown out of their last 3 houses after noise complaints to the Council, and that more noise complaints could lead to Jackson losing his job. This didn't bother Patty however, and she played a tactical game with the couple, even going so far as to drug Jackson with medication to stop erections. Things ended when Avril and Jackson apologized and promised to look into sound proofing along with giving Patty a bottle of wine. Patty was happy to accept, but the couple had spiked it, presumably with Ecstasy, leaving her drunk and happy.

Later in Series 8 it was revealed that Avril had lost her job after stealing pads of blank prescription forms. She kept this a secret and spent her days shopping with credit cards she obtained through fraud, telling her family she was paying for their presents with her bonuses from being Employee of the Month. She was even paying for Letitia to go to private school, a fact they hit from Jackson due to his hate of "money buying privilege". Avril's lies soon came crashing down however when she was run over and had The Jockey's holiday money stolen while unconscious and then found out the mistaken credit cards she had been using to her advantage would no longer be delivered to her house. When the residents that had paid her for the holiday all came to ask for their money back and she could produce it, her name became mud on the estate. She tried to find work but no one would hire, except Lillian at the Brothel but she was fired quickly.

During her talks with Jackson on how to fix their problem she suggested they move away, as they had done in the past when things got tough but Jackson refused to run away. Avril soon solved their problems with the residents with the help of Letitia by performing scams such as pretending a driver had run over their dog until they paid her to make up for it. She quickly paid the residents back their holiday money this way, telling Jackson she had got the money by selling some old jewelry.

Series 10

Avril has a fling with her work colleague, Calum.

Jackson eventually moves out, having found out about the fling and after admitting his own affair before bailiffs have taken their belongings.

Series 11

At the start of Series 11, Avril and Letitia are forced to move out of the house at 4 Windsor Gardens and they move in with Avril's sister, Patreesha St Rose.

After losing her job, Avril eventually finds work at Chesco in Remona's chemist.


  • Karen Bryson, who plays Avril, has been in Shameless before. She appeared in Series 5 Episode 1 as a woman in a hospital whose husband was dying, she met Frank and convinced him he was dying in revenge for his hurtful remarks about her husband.
  • Avril admitted in Episode 8 of Series 10 that though she had always let Jackson believe he was the first man she ever slept with, she actually lost her virginity to a boy at school with her.
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