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Aunt Ginger was a character that appeared in the episodes, "Aunt Ginger" and "Summer Loving". She is an old woman who was taken from the elders home that Veronica works at. She was used to throw off an Office of Inspector General worker named Abby Ruggiero after she came to the Gallagher home suspecting that they were cashing Ginger's checks without her consent.

Aunt Ginger

In this episode, Frank needs to find an elderly person to pose as Ginger in order for Abby not to find out he has been cashing Ginger's checks illegally. Frank could not get the real Ginger because she has been dead for 12 years. So, they go to Veronica's workplace to find an elderly woman with Alzheimer's in order for the plan to work. Debbie searches for one until she finally finds "Aunt Ginger". They take her home, and, after seeing the house, claims it's the exact same as she remembers it, even claiming to see the bookcase her brother Norman built. Debbie then offers to show Ginger to her room, and she agrees and follows her up after telling the others she will make them super.

Debbie and Ginger then do a load of activities to make it seem like she has been living there all these years. They knit matching aprons, make supper, take photos as a family, drink Geritol, highlight shows in the guidebook, and throw moth balls into the closet.

Debbie then sits on the couch as Ginger begins to tell a story of when she was 26 and working as a secretary for the USO. One of the dancers broke her foot and they took her from her old job and taught her the dance moves for a show that was supposed to be on that night. From that point forward, she became a professional dancer. Debbie then asks, "Did you ever dance with anyone famous?" to which Ginger responds with "No, honey, I'm not a dancer."

On the day Abby is arriving, Debbie and Ginger make Eggs Benedict as the others get ready to start their day. When Frank takes Debbie's plate, Ginger asks her "Who's that?", as Debbie looks frustrated, and responds with, "That's my dad."

Later in the day, Abby finally arrives and sits down with the family. She then begins to interview Ginger:

Abby Ruggiero: "Mrs. Gallagher! My name is Abby and I'd like to ask you a few questions."

Aunt Ginger: "My name is Abby and I'd like to ask you a few questions."

Abby Ruggiero: "Mrs. Gallagher! How old are you?

Aunt Ginger: " I don't remember..."

Abby Ruggiero: "Well, my records say that you're 93. How are you feeling?!

Aunt Ginger: "Oh, now I remember. Ricky Ricardo and I did the salsa together one night."

Abby takes it, but she's still suspicious and says she will come back every 6 months to check on them. After she leaves, Ginger tells Debbie that she danced with Cab Calloway, who had the first colored penis she ever kissed. After this, Debbie hears Fiona tell Frank to take her back to the nursing home. Debbie asks Fiona if Aunt Ginger has to go back as Aunt Ginger walks in with Rice Krispy Treats. Debby begs Fiona to let her stay, but Fiona is not having it. Veronica tries cheering her up by telling her that she can visit whenever she wants and that she can borrow her every 6 months.

Once they arrive at the home, Aunt Ginger kisses her goodbye and walks around the home, offering treats to the elder folk. Debbie cries as she watches her leave. Meanwhile, in a live tv interview, 2 people tell a reporter that Ginger had disappeared and nobody knew how, then just reappeared. They also added that she calls herself Abby and keeps telling people that she'd like to ask them a few questions.

Summer Loving


  • Her real name is not yet revealed.
  • Some of her backstory may be made up because of her condition, Alzheimer's, which makes you forget memories.