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Amy Ball is one of Veronica Fisher and Kevin Ball's twin daughters along with her sister Gemma Ball.


Season 5

Amy and her sister are born and tended to by their parents.

Season 8

When Kev tracks down his biological family, he introduces his daughters to his relatives who are pleased to see the little girls and compliment them. At a party, the twins are with their parents as their relatives adore them.

Season 9

She and her twin sister begin preschool, but have to switch spots because their parents can't afford tuition for both. One of the twins even brings in a dildo from their parents' collection.

Kev and Veronica's ruse of the twins is exposed when Amy points out Jenna to the teachers. However, rather than take it to court, Kev and V are given the option to avoid this by having Kev play the role as Jesus for their parade.