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Amanda (surname unknown as of Season 6) is a recurring character in Shameless. She is first introduced in Season 4's premiere episode, "Simple Pleasures", and becomes Lip's girlfriend by the end of her maiden season.


Season 4

Amanda was initially assumed by Lip to be his roommate Ron's girlfriend. She was very rude to Lip at first, and tried to put distance between him and Ron, such as when she wouldn't let Lip join their study group because she wanted to keep the group small. She is shown to be rather controlling, and marks Lip and Ron's shared fridge as just Ron's with a decorated message on the door that read "Kuzner only" for some time[1].

However, it is later revealed that she and Ron are merely friends with benefits and that she and Ron only ever had anal sex because she is "saving herself for [her] husband". Amanda became attached to Lip after he started bringing Liam to college with him following Fiona's incarceration and the deterioration of Lip's trust in his sister. Amanda began babysitting Liam during Lip's classes and found Lip's devotion to his siblings an endearing quality.

Soon after, Amanda gives Lip a blowjob as he sleeps, and begins to pursue him. When Ron walks in on Lip and a shirtless Amanda, it turns out that Ron is happy to be rid of her because she is bossy and talkative[2].

Lip and Amanda start seeing one another and Amanda changes the name on the fridge to "Lip Only" so that Ron doesn't eat the food that she prepares for Lip and she begins organizing Lip's daily schedule (including scheduled Blowjobs) and buys him a new phone. Amanda insists that Lip have dinner with her parents, who she is trying to annoy and rebel against. After some debate over the subject, Lip goes to her class where he invites Amanda and her parents to the Gallagher household, a place he's sure will "piss off [her] parents". She was surprised but flattered by his acts.[3].

Amanda's parents, Jason and Sheryl, are a white affluent couple who Amanda reveals adopted her from a "Subic Bay whorehouse", Subic Bay being a popular recreational destination in the Philippines for U.S. Navy servicemen, as asserted by Amanda's comment of "Go Navy". Amanda's "asshole" father offers Lip ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to stay away from his daughter, as he sees Lip as a delinquent and knows she is only dating him [Lip] to piss him [Jason] off. After Lip takes the money in cash, Amanda returns to the house later at night and the audience learns that Amanda forewarned Lip of her father's tendency to pay off her boyfriends, such as the BMX boy she dated in high school. Amanda doesn't scold Lip for taking the money, but she does scold him for taking less than what the BMX boyfriend got, which was fifteen thousand ($15,000). Amanda and Lip continue to see one another regardless, and Lip keeps the money[3].

At the end of the fourth season, Amanda has Lip attend her sorority's pinning ceremony, in which the sorority girls pin their boyfriends with their sorority pins in a pre-engagement ritual.[4] After the ceremony, they eat at the Waffle Cottage where they are served by Mandy Milkovich, who is working there as a waitress. Amanda notices Lip leave the table to talk to Mandy, and accepts his passive answer upon his return[4].

Season 5

Lip and Amanda continue seeing each other non-exclusively, and she invites Lip to move in with her at an off-campus apartment. He declines and so she finds a roommate, Muff Bull Dagger, on Craigslist. Amanda invites Lip to spend a week in the summer with her and her family at their estate in Miami where Lip bonds with her father (an engineer) and she gives Lip her virginity.

Amanda's roommate Muff turns out to be a violent, sociopathic lesbian who stalks Amanda after Amanda lets her perform oral sex on her twice. She even goes as far as standing outside Lip's dorm room pounding on the door and yelling affirmations of love for Amanda while Amanda and Lip have sex.

Amanda eventually learns Lip is having sex with Helene and gradually becomes more attached and possessive of Lip as she falls in love with him and Lip distances himself as he falls for Helene. Eventually, Lip blatantly ditches Amanda while she hides in his room avoiding Muff. When she confronts him in the college library, after he attempts to blow her off Amanda punches Lip and accuses him of making her fall in love with him ending their relationship. After punching Lip and walking away screaming and sobbing many students within the library applaud Lip, suggesting that Amanda may've had a negative reputation among her respective peers.

Season 6

Amanda returns and gets her revenge on Lip by posting a photo of Helene nude in Lip's room online, ultimately resulting in the latter's firing from the university. Later at her dorm, Lip asks her to take back her actions, but she tells him that it's pointless and berates Helene for sleeping with Lip and him for not treating the women he sleeps with better (showing how petty she has remained in spite of the fact that her relationship with Lip was never that serious or involved any real commitment). However, things also turn bad for Amanda when she reveals that her actions have angered a group of "femi-nazis", as she has received thousands of comments about what she did, including death threats. She leaves the campus at the request of her parents until the situation dies down, and tells Lip that he's on his own to deal with it. She is never seen again after that. Later, in the season Lip is terminated from college as the RA, as an indirect consequence of the painting Amanda made on his wall, showing how even when she isn't near him Amanda continues to be a thorn in Lip's side.

Episode Appearances


  • She is Lip's third official girlfriend.
  • She comes from a wealthy family.
  • She is adopted.


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