Affairs is the fifth episode of the first series of Shameless. It centres on the story of Frank's affair with Karen Jackson.


Frank and Karen hit the road for their driving lesson, but Karen adds some extra-curricular manoeuvres to the timetable.

Fiona is left worrying when she is warned that if no parent attends parents evening at the children's school, a home visit will be arranged. She must now find a way to convince Frank to attend in the first place.

Meanwhile, Ian and Kash are caught in the act by Kash's wife Yvonne with the addition of a CCTV system in the shop. Steve finds a novel way of convincing Lip's unpleasant history teacher to let him take the subject in sixth form. Frank and Karen's secret is discovered.

Post Credit Scene

Sheila is seen in her living room using the virtual reality helmet alongside the nurse from earlier in the episode. The nurse attempts to steer Sheila closer to the doors while Sheila begins to panic but suddenly Sheila's voice becomes calm as she says "hang on". The virtual reality view of the supermarket suddenly speeds backward and up an aisle as Sheila exclaims "they're charging £3.80 for pantyliners, how is that worth coming out for?"


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Corin Redgrave - Mr Hammersley
  • Shireen Shah - Umi Karib
  • Louise Pout - Megan


  • Narrator: Phillip Gallagher.
  • Lip mentions Frank was given a driving ban for drink driving 15 years previous.
  • The first and only time Veronica is seen doing her Internet "cleaning in the nude" job under the name of "Hot Baps".
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