Act Your Age is the seventh episode of the third series of Shameless.


Debbie begins to make friends with people her own age when she has a birthday party at the Gallagher house and to discover the youth that she never had, she quits her job of running the household to concentrate on being a normal teenager. Lip and Ian struggle to cope with looking after Carl and Liam and having a life of their own in her absence but soon Debbie gets tired of playing the tearaway teen and returns to her role as the head of the household.

After hearing his old friend Tommy has been payed to take experimental pills for a Clinical Trial, Frank jumps at the chance to make some money only to be left devastated when he discovers the pill leaves him unable to get drunk resulting in a new lease of life which threatens his relationship with Sheila when he is utterly honest with her for the first time.

Carol turns detective when she discovers a box of bills addressed to Sue Garland, befriending her estranged husband Craig Carol discovers Sue has been splashing the cash and is in £12,000 debt. This causes Sue to flee, leaving Marty to deal with her debts, but Marty plans to get the love of his life out of trouble even if it means him doing another stretch in prison.

Kev and Veronica haven't been on holiday for six years so when Veronica comes into some money, she plans a trip abroad for her and Kev, but then discovers he is scared of setting foot on an aeroplane. Carol reveals her fear of being alone to a sober Frank.

Post Credit Scene

Kev and Veronica are laying in bed together in a caravan (Veronica mentioned earlier in the episode that they could ask to borrow a family member's caravan instead of going to Spain due to Kev's fear of flying) and Kev begins trying to initiate sex. Veronica ignores him and recites the safety instructions people are given on an aeroplane until his erection goes away out of fear.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ian Reddington - Tommy
  • Chris Coghill - Craig Garland
  • Justina Skillen - Nicola
  • Matthew Gerrod - Rick
  • Tony Mooney - Jason



Veronica: They've come! [passports]
Kev: [Looking at Veronica's passport photo] Fucking hell, tonight Matthew, I'm 
Myra Hindley.
Veronica: Fuck off! [Holding up Kev's passport] Eh, at least I don't look like 
Ken fucking Dodd.
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