The brothel in Series 10

28 Meadow Bank Road is the home of Lillian Tyler and the location of her Brothel. Lillian originally lived at the house with her husband Brendan but some time after his death she decided to turn it into a brothel for the extra money. The brothel has been running since at least Series 4.

The brothel is seen to have many customers and cater to a wide variety of sexual activity. It is also known to have powerful customers in various lines of work, including government officials. It is likely trouble with the police is avoided due to high ranking police officers being customers.

Notable Events

Shane and Kelly

In Series 5, Shane Maguire met Kelly Ball and asked her out, completely unaware that she was a prostitute. [1] Kelly took him back to the Brothel which was where Lillian informed him that Kelly was a working girl. Shane confronted her angrily but Kelly simply made jokes and called him naive before pointing out that though they were having a good time, "a girl's gotta earn". Shane liked her so much that he was easily talked into paying for sex with her, having to borrow most of the money from Micky.

Soon Shane was visiting Kelly at the Brothel every day and even had a £3000 tab, as his surprised father found out. Shane pointed out that he couldn't afford to keep seeing Kelly regularly so she offered to trade sex for him repairing her bed, which she then broke on purpose. He also invited her around for Sunday lunch to meet his family, much to Paddy's disgust, in exchange for more DIY repair.

The dinner never occurred however as though Kelly blurted out that she loved Shane during sex, Paddy decided to act against what he saw as a con. He gave Kelly a large amount of cash and calling her out for her past heroin addiction told her to leave the estate or he would "end" her. Fearing for her life, she tearfully told a disbelieving Shane that she had been conning him all along and left the estate.

She returned later in the same series however, apparently feeling much more confident she told Shane exactly why she had left.[2] Shane angrily confronted Paddy in The Jockey, causing him to violently beat his son down and take the wrath of Mandy.


In Series 8 Lillian got close to one of the new prostitutes, Bonnie when she showed keen business skills and managed to improve the brothel. Bonnie secretly manipulated Lillian into caring for her, making it seem like one of the other girl's had stolen from her but Bonnie was too kind to get her into trouble. Kelly, who had been firm friends with Bonnie at first, began to mistrust her and keep an eye on her. Things progressed quickly from there and Lillian took Bonnie to change her last name to Lillian's as she was too old for a formal adoption. Lillian also signed over the brothel to her which was when she revealed her true nature and began making many changes and lording it over the other girls.

She also showed herself to Lillian by turning her bedroom into a small contained flat as if to keep her hidden away in there. She also attempted to make Lillian become a prostitute, something Lillian had never done. Bonnie even changed the locks and left Lillian out in the cold one night. Kelly was hurt by Lillian and Bonnie's relationship as she was very close to Lillian herself but she soon set out to get rid of Bonnie.

Bonnie continued to make changes to the brothel, from adding security cameras to hiring a burly security/body guard. Kelly's first attempt at getting rid of Bonnie saw her running to the Maguire Family for help. Mimi and her family arrived to threaten Bonnie into leaving and were disgusted by her locking Lillian out. Bonnie claimed she had payed for a hotel room for Lillian while the renovation work was taking place and Lillian must have misunderstood the situation but she soon took the offensive to Mimi's threats by pointing out the cameras and her security guard. In the end a peaceful agreement was met, much to Kelly's annoyance, in which Bonnie offered to pay the Maguires a protection fee.

Bonnie moved out of the brothel soon after, leaving hired security to run the business. Despite everything that had happened Lillian was still upset at Bonnie leaving and attempted to make her stay. Lillian followed her to an up-scale penthouse apartment and begged for their relationship to go back to how it was in the beginning. Bonnie was confused at Lillian's unconditional love after everything she had done but explained that it had all been a con, something that she had done many times before to earn her fortune.

Bonnie became upset and confused about Lillian's love and locked herself in her bedroom. Speaking to her through the door, Lillian told her that she loved her and would be there for her any time she was ready. Lillian then took the brothel keys from Bonnie's bag and left, unaware that Bonnie had committed suicide from the balcony and was lying dead on the floor behind her.


In Series 10 a new brothel opened directly across the road from Lillian's.[3] More up-scale and modern, with cheaper prices and perks such as the ability to pay by credit card and online profiles for the girls gave them the edge and they soon took all of Lillian's business.

Kelly was angered both by the competition and Lillian's lack of worry and decided they had to go talk to the new brothel's Madame, Louise. Louise explained all her brothel's features, including live web-cams, a girl in the window, online profiles and schedules. When asked why she wasn't worried about being busted by the police, being so "in your face", Louise simply said she was well connected. Kelly argued that the new brothel was wrong as prostitution is meant to be a 'dirty little secret' as it's part of the appeal and the way Louise was running it was turning it into "just another transaction". Louise was impressed by Kelly's intelligence and offered her a job.

Lillian continued to annoy Kelly with her attitude and conviction that there was room for two brothels, so much so that they got into an argument in the middle of The Jockey and full view of the new brothel's staff. Kelly then went straight to Louise and took her up on her offer of a job.


Kelly assures Lillian

Kelly began working at the new brothel but she was acting oddly, trying to get at Louise's laptop. Later, when it was her turn to sit in the window in the style of Amsterdam sex shops, Lillian walked past on her way home. The two looked at each other, seeming at first to be sad but Kelly winked at Lillian who gave her a smile back.

Kelly sprung into action after that and was eventually able to get at Louise's laptop. Later Kelly and Lillian walked into the main room of the brothel and told her exactly what they had done. Kelly had e-mailed the post codes, credit card details and names of all customers of the new brothel to their employers and spouses from Louise's laptop. Louise angrily countered that they were protected, pointing to a man across the room, the deputy police commissioner, but Kelly pointed out that she doubted that would last once his wife opened her e-mail.

Kelly then handed a roll of cash to one of the prostitutes (who Chesney thought he loved) and told her to use it to get a brain. Kelly then suggested that the deputy commissioner find Louise a house in another area for her brothel, to which the "dep" nodded. Lillian handed Louise a fair amount of money as compensation and then left with Kelly.

Cash and Kelly

Early in Series 11, Lillian revealed to Kelly that due to not trusting banks she saves all the money she earns from the brothel in a train station locker. Kelly was flabbergasted by Lillian's choice of hiding place, a feeling that deepened when Lillian revealed police had been searching some of the lockers due to their use by drug dealers. Lillian asked Kelly to retrieve her money, stating that she never counted it, only added more money and though there to be around £4000 there.

Kelly and Marty went to collect the money but were shocked when they discovered it was much more than Lillian knew, they counted way over £12,000. Tempted by their position, Marty was able to convince Kelly to steal all the extra money so she give up prostitution and they could start a new life out of Chatsworth. Kelly battled with the idea but eventually her desire for a fresh start won out and they stole the money, intending to use it on a mortgage.

Things didn't go as planned for the couple however as a guilty Kelly took a large stack of the cash to Lillian after already giving her the £4000 she expected, claiming it had got wedged under the bottom of the bag. However, Kelly's obviously guilt lead Lillian to realize the truth and she asked if Kelly had stolen from her. An upset Kelly confessed everything, berating Lillian for ever having put her in such a position, leaving Lillian to tell Kelly she never wanted to see her again.

The couple went to Kassi Blanco to launder the money so they could get their mortgage, however he was arrested by the police for related crimes and lost the money. [4] Distraught at the loss of both the money and Lillian's friendship, Kelly decided to leave the estate anyway so she and Marty moved, without ever making amends for the theft.

Notable Staff (Past and Present)

Other than the following main characters the Brothel is also frequented by unnamed or rarely speaking prostitutes such as Trixie who was framed for stealing a bracelet from Bonnie.


  • In Episode 5 of Series 5, Shane Maguire goes to the Brothel with Kelly after they first meet. He didn't realize she was a prostitute until that point but when he does he is understandably annoyed, Lillian apologizes to Kelly and asks if she should fetch Leroy, suggesting that in the early days the Brothel had some form of security.
  • Despite the fact that the Brothel didn't take credit or debit card payments being mentioned several times in Episode 5 of Series 10, Lillian told Shane on his first visit (mentioned above) that he could pay her the £50 fee by "cash, card, giro, luncheon vouchers".


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